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About Gasbarre Furnace Group

From metallurgy to medical - Gasbarre Furnace Group is seizing every heat treating opportunity

There is an endless stream of opportunities to help industrial manufacturers optimize their thermal and material processing operations to generate higher volumes and better products with minimum downtime and maximum efficiencies. Gasbarre Products recognizes those opportunities and has acted accordingly to build the Gasbarre Furnace Group which now services virtually every industrial market from automotive to aerospace, tooling to medical. Gasbarre Furnace Group’s commercial-based advantage as well as their advanced engineering and technology move industry in a forward direction, every day.


One industrial process leads to another

Gasbarre Products began in 1973 in Dubois, Pennsylvania, and was driven to design, manufacture and service a complete line of powder compaction and sizing presses for the metallurgy industry. Gasbarre soon recognized more opportunity in the next step of the metallurgical production process—sintering—adding heat to the compacted powder to turn it into stronger, denser material. Thus, in 1989, the company acquired Sinterite, in St. Marys, Pennsylvania, to have a custom sintering furnace design and manufacturing operation under its umbrella.


Further expansion into the industrial furnace marketplace

The scenario of creating a full-service spectrum of thermal and material processing equipment and engineering solutions was not yet complete. With the acquisition of C.I. Hayes in 2003, the Gasbarre Furnace Group added custom services, exceptional responsiveness and capabilities to generate processing temperatures of up to 3,000°F. Finally, with extensive stock as well as custom capabilities, J.L. Becker joined the fold in 2011.

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